Saturday, October 10, 2015

Hello there

I still have E17, no worries!  Can't believe it's been well over two years without an update, so sorry!

Just have been very busy, and one of my children was diagnosed with brain cancer a little less than a year ago, and working through his treatment has been all-consuming for our family.  That is all being documented on a different blog:

Current concerns: Air pressure warning keeps coming on even though air pressure is OK. I kranged a compartment door.  Honestly, I've been driving fire apparatus of all sizes up to and including a 102' aerial platform quint back in the late '90s, and I've never seriously kranged any of them.  But then I get my own, and rack up two?  Frustrating.

Replaced the front tires last year.  Got more equipment, mostly but not exclusively old hose.

Mostly she sits under her cover.  Starts and runs, and can be driven, I try to get her out and moving around at least every other month or so.

Until Mark's cancer is resolved, not much is going to move forward, but we're still here.  Thanks for reading.

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