Friday, June 15, 2012

Ending the Hiatus, and a Tale of Fun

Man it has been soooooo long since I posted, I am so sorry.  I resolved that I needed to write something and get back in the groove, and then noticed that it is two days short of a year since the last post.  I have failed to keep you all entertained and informed, I hope you can forgive.

After obtaining the collection detailed in the previous post, it has been a little more fun to be out and about in an old fire engine that is no longer naked.  The big master stream device, the hard suction, the ladders, and various hoses packed where they go, all makes a better picture.

Speaking of pictures, I have a new camera phone and will try to remember to get some new pics with the equipment installed.

And of course, the Tale of Fun:

My daughter asked if I could take her to the Homecoming dance in E17, and the answer was a resounding Of course.  How about eight people?  Well, not enough seatbelts for that, so we compromised.

E17 arrived at the local burger drive-in a mile or so from the dance, and picked up the party.  Thanks to having the new stuff from the Equipment Grab, there were now four sets of old turnouts available, and the guys in the group each donned a yellow lid to go over their tuxes.  Brilliant.  Everyone piled into the hosebed, and we proceeded slowly and carefully towards the high school.

The kids were waving and hollering hello at everyone they saw, and of course everyone waved back.  Who doesn't wave at kids riding on a fire engine?

But the best part was the arrival.  You see, everyone who is someone at Homecoming wants to impress their dates with stretch limos and stretch Lincolns and stretch Hummers, making a scene as small groups arrive in their fancy rides.

So, there's a long line of a few hundred teenagers waiting in line at the door to get in as expensive cars continue to arrive, and suddenly...

Engine 17 is on scene.

Yes, as we pulled through the parking lot, lights and siren came on and we drove right up to the front door, delivering the eight most-noticed dance attendees of the night.

After that, all those spendy rides were just a long line of cars for the commoners.  You can't beat a fire engine entrance.

For the win.  Have fun at the dance, kids.