Friday, June 17, 2011

Equipment Grab

So, Dad called me out of the blue yesterday. I'm at the fire department's surplus sale, he says, and asks what I might need, and describes some of the stuff lying around. And the prices. Dirt cheap prices!!

He cleaned up, and sounds like he had more fun than even I would have had. He only found out about the sale the day before, not enough time for me to arrange to be there myself.

Long story short, through the silent-bid process he secured the following for Engine 17:

A ground base for securing a deluge monitor.

A 2.5" siamese.

A 2.5" threaded to 3" Storz elbow.

A triple 2.5" inlet deluge monitor. $150!

Twenty-one lengths of miscellaneous hose. Some are knotted (damaged or unfit for use) but this stuff is mainly for decoration, so it is perfect. $5/roll!

Three lengths hard suction, $15 each (only have room for two, so the odd one is up for re-sale at cost). Three ladders, also $15 each. I would have liked a roof ladder and an extension ladder, but I'm not complaining, since E17 presently has zero ladders.

They also have numerous sets of older used turnouts for sale, but without the proper credentials (active FF and note from your agency to prove it) you can't buy them on the spot. I can arrange the credentials easy, so if the price is right I might grab 2-4 sets for costume use when I have riders in a parade of some such.

Score! Thanks Dad!

Also have a neighbor who is thinking about loaning 17 for standby duty while he does some logging nearby. Depending on cost, we may arrange for him to repair 17's tank-to-pump leak and pneumatic pump shift actuator - making it pump capable for his needs - as payment. We shall see.

Summer is pretty much here. Fingers crossed for progress.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Summer is here

Engine 17 has been out three times in the past couple of weeks, running short errands to get the winter crud blown out, and ferrying kids to various events where they delighted in the splash of showing up or disembarking in a fire engine.

Too much fun!

Anyway, this post serves to let you know we're still here. Hoping to get a few things done in the coming weeks and months of good weather. Stay tuned.