Sunday, May 2, 2010

We've Moved!

You don't have to update your bookmarks. The old address still will get you here. But the new and much easier to remember address of this blog is now:

Spent part of the day at the semi-annual apparatus re-certification "roadeo". My so-called take-home unit, Squad 6 (center of attention below), made an appearance there along with a sampling of our other apparatus and specialty units.

The "roadeo" course, that you can't see because it is mostly behind the camera, consists of a variety of tests, twists, decreasing clearances, offset alley, backing tasks... always fun. I seriously considered taking 17 and "recertifying" on the rodeo course with her. Dang it... I really should have done that, just because.

It was a fun ride today on the course, thanks for tagging along.