Saturday, May 1, 2010

Don't feel pressured

Based on advice handed down by The Happy Medic in a post comment, I have added a PayPal donate button over on the right sidebar, for anyone who stumbles in here and feels moved, by whatever moves them, to contribute to the cause.

I avoided doing that up until now, because I never want anyone to feel pressured to help. If you just want to drop in and read about me fumbling around with something I never tried before, like, you know, owning a fire engine, and laugh at my expense once in a while, well that is totally fine with me. I was goofy enough to get into this and it is my problem to handle it, I know that.

But now that I have gone ahead and added the button, I think it is reasonable to talk a little more about my overall general plans for 17, so anyone who does put a few coins in the hat knows what they're helping to do.

At this time, I am not planning an expensive major strip-to-the-frame, sandblasting and reassembly to like-new condition. Despite some rough treatment in 17's later in-service years, she is still in solid and good running condition. There are no significant rust issues, even in the rear wheel well area compartments. The are no significant bodywork issues, other than the tire chain damage over the right rear wheel well. The engine is running great (I drove her several miles on the freeway today, and she ran straight and true at 63MPH).

Here's what I hope to do, in order of priority:
  • Paint her red (includes repairing tire chain damage, and replica 1970-era TFD markings)
  • Fix the leaking booster tank, and make the pump operational (minor pump shift problem)
  • Replace/restore/repair parts and accessories (the biggest job, after painting)
  • Lastly, after all else is more or less done, stock her with 70's or early 80's vintage equipment
When completed (hah, like that ever happens in a project like this), my intent is that 17 will resemble a well-cared-for but working in-service pumper, not a trailer queen. A few remaining dings, scratches and scuffs will fit that intended character just fine. I will run her in parades in Tacoma as well as local to where I live, take her to SPAAMFAA musters and car shows, and make her available to area firefighters and fire department supporters for weddings/funerals or other events. If you're a local donor, I'm sure we can think of something fun to do with 17 to pay some of it back.

So, I see three major categories of expenses. (1) Paint/Markings, (2) Pump/Tank, (3) Parts/Accessories. The fourth category, stocking equipment, is off the radar right now.

If you feel so moved to contribute to the cause, I will place your contribution into the category of your choice. If you don't choose one, I will place it by highest priority. I do not expect others to fund my folly without my help, though. I will pay for things as my personal budget allows with or without contributions, but note that I will also immediately put in matching funds (up to my fiscal capability) any time donations are received, which should double the impact of anything you feel like putting in.

This post will be updated going forward.

I will list below the amount of donations received to date. Also, under the donation button, I will list the amount of funds currently donated to each category not yet expended. I will also list, with your permission, your name (or any other name you wish to be credited) with the amount of the donation.

Work done will be discussed on regular posts, with costs detailed.

To be clear, again, you don't have to contribute, please feel no pressure. But I would be foolish to not allow others the chance if that's what they really want to do.

Thanks for coming along on the ride.

Donations as of 5/2/2009:
  • Paint/Markings: $0.00
  • Tank/Pump: $0.00
  • Parts/Accessories: $0.00
  • Equipment: $0.00