Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Chief can't help it

Seeing as how we live in a county-owned home that serves as a fire station, we are subject to the occasional inspection to verify we're not tearing up taxpayer-owned property, just as the dorm-room dweller resident firefighters at the traditional fire stations have to allow periodic inspections of their rooms. Essentially, the Chief comes through to see that we are not putting holes in the walls like rock stars at a hotel, and are maintaining the fixtures, keeping the gutters clean, etc.

Chief came by for the regular inspection yesterday, and we had the place shined up pretty nice just as anyone does anywhere when the Chief is coming. After we finished the walk through and he had notes on what needed attention or repair, we were outside and the inevitable question came.

"So, can I see your pumper?"

He hadn't yet seen it in person over the past six months.

Of course, Chief. Right this way.

Roles reversed, I would have asked the same thing. Any of us would. No one is immune!