Friday, January 29, 2010


US Navy Honor Guard preparing for the service.

Portland Battalion 4 and Engine 10 frame the flag-draped casket.

Portland fire personnel form up as the memorial is about to begin.

In a light rain, Grandpa was laid to rest.

Portland Engine 10 traveled over 16 miles, through seven other station districts, to attend. Three chief officers were also in attendance, and one of the ACs present was the son of a retired AC who had previously worked with Grandpa Blue at Engine 10. He said his father was deeply saddened by the loss, and had shared several touching stories about him upon hearing he had passed. He also noted that there were currently only nine personnel (out of 702 sworn), who still work for Portland that had been on when Grandpa retired. I personally thanked each of the Portland guys for coming out, it meant a lot to me.

The US Navy honor guard's 21-gun salute was the point I choked up. I was proud to attend in uniform and salute my grandfather along with the firefighters from Portland.

And now, we get back on the truck, as he'd want us to do.

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