Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Some Minor Small Talk

Winter. Not the time to be doing much with Engine 17. Yet I feel compelled to put something up once in a while so you know this thing is still on.

The reaction to the Facebook fan page pretty much blew me away. Over 80 fans in just a few weeks, and I only know and recognize a small handful of them. To the rest of you, welcome aboard. I hope I can entertain you adequately to make it worth your time, because I don't have any door prizes to offer.

Finally got the last photo installed at the Wikipedia entry for American LaFrance, after securing permission from the owner of the photo. The Century 1000 pumper now included on that page was retired from a North Carolina department and subsequently sold to a collector.... in Germany. Of course, he's a member of the ALF Owners group as well as the European chapter of SPAAMFA. Anyway, where the Century 1000 is placed on that article, Engine 17 sits above it, and some mystery guy (cough) stands in front of a Century 2000 below it.

Still waiting and hoping to get pictures of 17 from her earlier days. Have not heard back yet, but don't want to nag too hard.

My sister recently related some miscellaneous events to me that she experienced in Tacoma with her involvement in the fire buff's club and TFD staff, and running into old acquaintances from years ago (talking about you, Joseph Stiles!). I am chagrined to admit that, over fifteen years after I moved away from Tacoma, there are new kids on the TFD that have heard about my outrageous overzealous goofball stuff from back in the day. Does that make me a legend? If so, it is certainly the wrong kind of legend! That I 'grew up' to join the service, was even an officer for a while before getting tired of the game that goes with it, currently live in an active 'satellite' fire station in my six-station fire district with my family (yes, they give me my own district apparatus to keep at the house.... are they crazy?). Who would have ever thought I would be, well, useful? Or at least not dangerously stupid?

Somehow, with tall credit to the guys in Tacoma who against all odds kept me from getting myself killed... here I am.

Still, owning a fire engine is a bit nuts, I admit. I just know how to hide it, I guess.

Happy New Year to all.


  1. Nice post, Bro. I am extremely proud of you!
    I had a blast hanging out at Station 96 over the New Year Holiday weekend! Next time we'll have to make chili! LOL

  2. Did you ever check into joining www.firepics.net ?????? If not, you really should. Any and all of the best of the best fire apparatus photographers "out there" all hang out on firepics. Chances are, if there are pics of E17 out there, someone on firepics will have them, and they are all more than willing to share. There is a small cost associated with joining; it is more of a deterrent to spammers than it is anything else. I think it's like 5 bucks a year, dirt cheap (and with no spam!!!) The only caveat is that you have to pay through paypal, he will not accept any other methods of payment.