Thursday, December 10, 2009

Engine 8, circa 1984

Found this today while going through a bin of photographs. This is 17's sister, Engine 8, in front of Fire Station 8, just a few doors down from where I grew up.

The station in that old picture might look familiar, as I snapped a quick photo of 17 in front of the now-closed old Station 8 when I picked her up this summer.

When the 1970 rigs were new, they had hand-painted unit numbers above the 'American LaFrance' nameplate on the nose. It was just before that old picture was taken that the front numbers were buffed off (argh!) and replaced with those huge reflective numbers. It was a fad. A few years later the department switched over to the interchangable placards now commonly used all over the country.

Anyway, it is that beautiful red finish and hand-painted door decals and numbering that I hope to get back on 17. When I compare these pics... sigh. Big job.


  1. No job worth doing will be easy AC always tells me. Keep the updates coming, I might try to wander up to see #17 some day.

  2. Give us lots of notice if you do, Happy! I'd love to be there too! =)

    Bro, That pic brought back memories! Can you believe that is our niece in the pic?! I remember when she was that little and sweet. She sure got me into trouble at the station, though. One time I was interviewing firemen for a report I was doing. I had you with me too, but you got distracted and forgot about Mandy. I was DEFINITELY distracted. The next thing I knew two firemen in thier Jockey shorts were each holding one of her hands and escorting her out of the dorms!!! I think it is a very good thing that we showed up with brownies that day. That was one embarrassing moment! Do you remember that?