Sunday, November 8, 2009

Some Random Pics and Comments

Engine 17 is now probably pretty much parked for the season. It's going to be a long dry spell on the blog. Perhaps I can fill it with pictures and comments about not much. I mean, really it provides no special value or progress on the project, but allows you to get a little closer to the rig than otherwise.

So, here she is, parked under cover. So far the precipitation is staying more or less off the left side, but I am watching things to see how that goes. I may install a hanging tarp or something on that side if necessary. Heated and sealed storage would be best of course, but not really an option right now.

I remember looking at this panel as a kid (on Engine 8, but same thing) and just not being able to make sense of it. Water goes in somewhere and out somewhere, and I see the valve controls, but other than that...??? As I look at it now, it is not a mystery any more, although some of the components are of course old school by today's standards. I guess that's what almost 17 years of fire service experience does for you. It is clear there will be hours spent cleaning and tidying this panel up.
Driver's front fender kick plate. I'm not sure if this can be re-chromed or not. The officer's side plate is pretty much pristine, though. Although there are plenty of locations on Engine 17 which suggest rust and age, it is amazing to me how little there really is when you think about the kind of life a fire engine leads and that she is about 40 years old.
More later, I suppose. If there is any part of the engine you'd like to see much more close up, let me know.